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"Carolyn and Annika bring decades of expertise in the care of patients with Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, and the many related atypical and subsyndromal variants. Their clinical wisdom, understanding of the experience of sufferers and those who love them, and understanding of these illnesses and the recovery process infuse these pages.”

— Diane Mickley, MD, Director, Wilkins Center for Eating Disorders

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"You can’t do anything different, until you see it differently.'” It was seeing from that lens that changed how I responded to my daughters eating disorders. My family was no longer navigating this disease in the dark. We could see beyond the shame, stigma and the scale. Measuring Health From The Inside is a profound book that will forever change how we see and treat this devastating disease. This book reveals the truth about our bodies’ needs and invites us to be part of the healing and recovery process. Measuring Health From The Inside is for... everyBODY.”

— Mary Ellen Clausen, Parent and Founder of Ophelia’s Place

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This important book explains how two simple tests, Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis, assess the nutritional status of the body. These results help an individual who is engaging in eating disorder behavior understand how their eating behaviors are directly affecting their body. This information can help them better understand their condition and track their progress toward recovery.

Measuring Health From The Inside

"The series of tests and concrete sets of numbers gave me the sense of confidence in the expertise that I felt was missing in other treatment facilities."


"These were the first tests that ever indicated that there was something wrong, my blood work was always normal despite that I purged ten times per day."

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Measuring Health from the Inside - Book

Carolyn Hodges, Chaffee, MSRDN, CEDRD

Annika Kahm, MS